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If you're looking for a fresh, new voice and perspective on, or about movies, you've come to the right place!
We're going to be reviewing some of the best films, and soundtracks, the movie industry has to offer (both current, and classic films). 

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"A Reel Point Of View"
      "Guardians of The Galaxy"
 "Dawn of the Planet of The Apes"
           "Beyond The Lights"
  "Walk Among The Tombstones"
Lucy is not quite sure what to make of her current situation. What she does know is that it seems to continue to evolve around her, like a dream, a very bad dream. As she focuses on finding out what's going on outside and inside her brain, she knows she's not the only one. Power is a gift, and in the wrong hands can be dangerous....But which hands are Lucy's...hence the journey.
When you think of a group that is given the responsibility of making sure the Galaxy is safe from evildoers, you were probably thinking of the Avengers, the X-Men, the Fantastic Four; right? I was too! I'm pretty sure you weren't thinking about these guys, and I'm sure they weren't either! Yet here they are, The Guardians of The Galaxy...You know, this might work!
What defines a hero? Is it courage, that give them strength to succeed, or is it the fear that if they don't persevere, all will be lost? What drives someone so much that they excel, and achieve more than most would have thought possible. Well, buy your popcorn, get a drink, and candy,find a good seat in your local theater, and sit back an enjoy the story of a true Hero.
In this thriller, a fallen ex-cop, who now gets paid for doing 'special favors" for his clients, is asked to find those responsible for killing one of his client's wife.His investigation takes a turn he doesn't expect, nor understand. The path he must go down will take every ounce of his very soul he can muster, as he finds that the unknown holds it's own special place in evil. 
Man is forever trying to test the boundaries of evolution, one experiment at a time. He has taken an already intelligent creature and made it more human. Now he wants to eliminate those same creatures because he feels their mere presence threatens his own existence...Yet all they want is to be left alone. History is there to teach us, right?...Oh well!
This one reminds me of the R&B song, "Love On a Two Way Street". In this case it's life or death that stems the relationship between a beautiful yet trouble young singer, and the police officer who responds to the scene of her near suicide. What a way to start a courtship. Do they both have enough love to weather the tide, or will they spin out of control "Beyond The Lights".